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> Research Proposal Support

A Science PI or co-PI on a proposal that lists matching funds on the PRAF line "LSU Match (budgeted)" must submit an Approval Form. Faculty may use the research portion of their academic salary as a match on a proposal, but any additional College match of space, funds, salary etc. must be accompanied by a letter of commitment from the Dean.

Research funding information and procedures for creating proposals are available from the Office of Research & Economic Development.

Proposal preparation, routing procedures and forms are available from the Office of Sponsored Programs.



> Faculty Annual Report

The College of Science faculty must each prepare their annual Faculty Report 2014 documenting their teaching, research and service activities. It must be completed for the Chair's annual review prepared in Spring 2014.



> College Promotion and Tenure

The College of Science Promotion and Tenure Manual provides information on policies and procedures regarding academic tenure. The Teaching Evaluation Table can be downloaded HERE.


> Procedures for Applying for a Sabbatical

The College of Science actively encourages faculty to take advantage of sabbatical opportunities.

 Full-time faculty at the rank of instructor or above who have completed six years of service without leave with pay may apply for a sabbatical. Sabbatical leave is intended to afford our top scholars the opportunity to participate in research and projects away from campus that they would normally not be able to take advantage of because of their institutional responsibilities. For detailed information, please refer to page 15 of the Faculty Handbook, PS-12 Leave Guidelines, and Chapter III, Section 3-1, of the Bylaws & Regulations of the Board of Supervisors. Per PM-12, if sabbatical leave is granted, a report of the accomplishments under each leave granted shall be made promptly upon return from sabbatical leave.The schedule for the review of sabbatical leave requests and the guidelines for formulating a sabbatical plan and application packet are below.



A presentation on "Sabbatical Request Guidelines" is HERE.

A good example of a successful application, courtesy of Prof. Kenneth Schafer is available HERE for your examination.

An example of the requested table of teaching evaluations is given HERE.



> Nomination Procedures for College Awards

The procedures for nominations for the College of Science awards - Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching, Distinguished Dissertation, and the Non-tenured Faculty Research awards are HERE. Note that the LSU Alumni Association Distinguished Dissertation award is coordinated through the College of Science at the same time as the College Distinguished Dissertation Award.